I mainly feed with Chempak no3 which has a 20-20-20  balanced formula. This keeps the plants growing well through most of the year. This is given every time I water. If this is once a week or longer it is full strength, if it is twice a week this will be half strength and if it is everyday in the summer this will be mixed at quarter strength. 




I switch to Vitax High Potash a month before a show if flowering is late or there is a lack of sun. I feed this full or half strength depending on how often I need to water.

Just to show that it works for me below are 2 photos taken of Cottenham Surprise just coming into bud and 24 days later it was on the show bench. 

Angel Cottenham Surprise photo taken 29th May 2013

Cottenham Surprise on the show bench at Yorkshire Society June 23rd 2013

To keep the foliage looking good on my plants I give them a regular dose of Epsom Salts which is a form of magnesium. I much prefer to do it on a monthly basis rather than one dose of 2.5oz to 9 litres in the spring which I have seen recommended. On the packet it says apply by spraying on the leaves. This might be ok for some plants, but it leaves a white deposit on the leaves of Pelargoniums. I find that it is best to water it in, so I mix it in with the feed. I have found that it dissolves better in a little warm water.






Every now and then I give my Pelargoniums some liquid seaweed.  This is not a feed but a plant growth stimulant. Regular use will improve resistance to pests, diseases and environmental stress.  It is watered into the plant with the feed.  As I show my plants I do not spray the foliage as I find it leaves a brown deposit on drying.