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  • Bold Pixie

    Miniature zonal Bold Pixie exhibited by Mick Collins


    Angel Oldbury Duet exhibited by Ken Abel

  • Lara Starshine

    Scented leaf Lara Starshine grown as a standard by Mr & Mrs.Bevington.

  • Marjorie Bevington

    Marjorie receiving a trophy for the best Standard in the show.

  • Dave Edmond

    Winner of class 22 Scented Leaf.

  • Fred Ward

    Winner of class 40.

  • Peter Bendall

    Winner of class 45 one hanging pot.

  • Ray Harland

    Winner of class 24 with his regal and also the most points by a local resident.

  • Stellar Grandad Mac

    Peter Gardner with his plant of Grandad Mac

  • Peter Gardner

    Winner of the Hardy Geranium class 48 and also the Best Basic Stellar.

  • Oriental Delight

    Oriental regal Oriental Delight exhibited by Ken Abel

  • Ken Abel

    Winner of The People's Choice Trophy, where the voting public have their say.

  • Berkswell Fiesta

    Angel Berkswell Fiesta grown in a 9cm pot as a miniature by Ken Abel. This goes to show how versatile it can be.

  • Marshgreen

    Stellar Marshgreen grown as a dwarf by Mick Collins.

  • Doreen Lawson

    Jim & Doreen Lawson winner of best exhibit in the beginners classes.

  • Joan Ward

    Joan Ward presenting Lady Ayckbourn with a bouquet of flowers